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Concierge Medical Services

Shah Medical Clinic proud to offer all new Concierge Medical Service to the Sioux Falls, SD area! 

Q:What does this get you?

A: Individualized care and stronger patient provider relationship with a focus on reaching your healthcare goals.  

Q:What services are covered under Concierge Medical Services?

A:  Comprehensive medical care by Licensed Medical Doctor certified in Internal Medicine with access to ancillary services such as: Physical Therapy, Laboratory Testing, Psychiatric care, Annual Physical Exams, Diagnostic testing, Same day and next-day service scheduling, 

Q: If I have Insurance or Medicare can I still sign up?

A: Yes, there is an annual or monthly fee for the unlimited service and access to your personal provider.  Whether you have insurance or not you can still join!  It may benefit you highly even if you already have medical insurance because it may provide coverage where your traditional medical insurance may not!

Q:How do I signup for the Concierge Medical Service?

A:  At your initial appointment you can sign up for the annual or monthly contract.  Call to setup initial appointment.